League of Legends Ability Draft Simulator

League of Legends Ability Draft Simulator

Can you already have basic League of Legends champion skills in one champion? And if I tell you that there is a League of Legends Ability Draft Simulator?

So in some mobs there is Ability Draft game mode, like Dota2. However, there is no such way in the League of Legends .

According to the opinion of Riot Games (company that created the League of Legends) said that this mode of play is impracticable to implement because of the animations that each champion has. Each League of Legends champion has their respective abilities animated. And combining the animation of a champion with ability of another champion would make the game weird.

In the year 2017, in a game of April Fool, was released, by the League of Legends, a video where the Ability Draft game mode was shown. Some peasants appeared using abilities of other champions. Many users thrilled when they saw the video, but none of this was a joke.

League of Legends Ability Draft Mode
Ability Draft Simulator Blitz

And not to let the League of Legends players at will has created the League of Legends Ability Draft Simulator called MyMainChampion . In this platform you can create your champion, through a list of updated League of Legends campers, combining abilities and still generating a link / image to share with friends. Create your champion now by clicking here

Ability SimulatorRengar
Ability SimulatorMaster Yi
Ability Simulator Support
Above are examples of champions created in the MyMainChampion – League of Legends Ability Draft Simulator . The platform is self-explanatory and very easy to move. So, what are you waiting for to create your champion?

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