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First, this website is not produced, endorsed, supported, or affiliated with Riot Games.

The idea for the platform came when, in 2017, it speculated a video with a supposed mode for the League of Legends, in which the players could choose its champion and its combination of abilities. All this was just an April Fool joke, but the video left me and a lot of people excited about the way and the mind began to think of combinations that would be interesting in the game.

Riot then made it clear that this mode of play could not be implemented in the League of Legends because of the animations of each champion with their respective ability, which would be strange their animations with abilities of other champions and the strange game.

After having some creative ideas from champions I felt the need to create it and share it with my friends and on the internet to see what people thought. That’s when I implemented MyMainChampion.

In our platform allows you to combine the abilities of all the updated League of Legends champions and even generate a link / image to share with friends.

Is he waiting for what to create his champion? Use your creativity!

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